Never too late for a Hot Chocolate date!

These are a few of our favorite things to do on a chilly eve: Having the company of a great book or friend, making a late evening run to our local café and grabbing a hot drink, and doing nothing really.

Speaking of hot drinks on a cold day, one of the main characters in this storybook-like setting has to be a steaming mug of aromatic Hot Chocolate – it makes the mood, wouldn’t you agree? Drinking hot chocolate is an experience both comforting and gleeful, it is a pleasure that few can deny! Not us, though. We’re always up for a delicious cup of hot chocolate at McDonald’s. There’s something about it that feels like it could bring about world peace and equally, be a remedy for any kind of heartache.

The indulgent Premium Dark Hot Chocolate at McDonald’s was crafted based on these ideas, inspirations and more. With sinful chocolate whisked with silky steamed milk and topped with an even sweeter touch of chocolate, you can be sure of its supreme taste, with all that gooey and melty dark chocolate – making the McDonald’s hot chocolate thick and sweet on the tongue, as well as reassuring and deeply uplifting. To make your drinking experience all the more delightful, we’ve got new gusto glasses to serve our Premium Dark Hot Chocolate in, in-store. It’s always fun to take a sip of a beloved drink from sophisticated glassware, and this experience will be no less! The little curved handle is cute and functional, making for a great grip.

We also have the classic McDonald’s Hot Chocolate for those who prefer the flavor to the dark chocolate variant. If you happen to visit us in-store, check for offers running, to get your drinks at a sweet-as-smooth-chocolate ‘hot chocolate’ McDonald’s price.

When the temperature dips, settle in, and take a sip!

Gather yourself, your friends, a sweater or scarf, and come visit your nearest McDonald’s store in the West and South regions (India). The Premium Dark Hot Chocolate at McDonald’s is an added bonus to our beverage menu. Amongst our other drinks celebrating chocolate, we offer a Chocolate Frappé, Chocolate Shake, and American Mud Pie. If you’re in the mood for other hot drinks, the McCafé® coffee menu is well-stocked: try a Hazelnut Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Flat White, or Americano. Go to the McDelivery® website, or McDelivery® App to score a decadent deal when you order online! Check the McDonald’s App to avail of seasonal offers and promo codes, exclusively, in McDonald’s West and South region (India) stores.

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