Value so good, it doesn’t add up, 65 + 49 = 69 🤔 Adds up in happiness though!

As guarantees go, McDonald’s India is happy to be a place that comes to mind when you want a delicious meal, time to yourself, or an experience that promises you all that, while being easy on your pockets too. ✅

These refreshing sentiments have helped us come up with something so so cool – it’s McSavers+ !!!

65 + 49 = 69, or as they say, Value so good, it doesn’t add up 😌 in the best possible way!

You’ve got to watch our latest TVC to find out more. 😁 It’s real Newton-level math, which has left everyone puzzled for the last 10 days. But, as Sir Isaac Newton displays, who makes an appearance in our TVC 😉, when life gives you aChicken Surprise Burger, you get chompin’, not countin’!

So, are you IN?

Our NEW McSavers+ two-piece combos are math-defying and soul-satisfying on the same level. Take it from us, if we’re being offered our fave burger and a super cool drink at an unbelievable price of INR 69, so 🤯, we’re carpe-ing that diem and seizing the day!

You: McDonald’s India, it’s not cool to mess with someone who’s broke and hangry 🙄

Us: This is for real, FR! Power to your hunger pangs! 🤗

You: 🥺😭🥰🥳

To view our ‘aptly priced’ ₹69 McSavers+ offers, click here à

Our Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s India (W&S), Mr. Arvind R.P. exclaims, “We’re delighted to launch McSavers+! Our constant aim is making delicious, feel-good moments easy for everyone, and democratize access to good food, whilst being easy on the wallet. We’ve ensured that every aspect of this campaign – from prices to our playful communication – highlights that. McSavers+ is for Gen Z, a key customer base at McDonald’s.”

And there you have it! So, what’s your McSavers+ combo gonna add up to?

Our latest lip-smacking Chicken Surprise Burger at McDonald’s and everyone’s summer fave, our Coke McFloat®? Scroll the McDonald’s menu in-store or hit up our latest microsite at, to find a two-piece McSavers+ meal that feels like the real deal! You can watch our TVC again, to be at least 69% sure 😁

Zero fuss, choosing McDonald’s NEW McSavers+

With hunger pangs on the rise, and delicious food that comes to mind, we’ll help you stay on budget, and score a McDonald’s meal so fine!

Use our McDonald’s App in stores to score more! It’s time to make group projects with your classmates and impromptu plans to chill after – better again! Not without our dope Chicken Burger prices and hunger-pangs-fulfilling menu to the rescue!


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