Good Food Journey

Three Reasons You Should Try Whole Wheat Buns At McDonald’s
Good Food Journey

In October last year, McDonald’s India (West & South) introduced something that was unheard of in the world of burgers; it brought whole wheat buns to your plate. After taking measures like removing artificial colours and preservatives from patties and reducing oil and sodium in sauces, introducing wheat buns was…More

Good Food Stories From An Eventful 2018
Good Food Journey

2018 was all about taking our Good Food Story to the next level with innovation. Each and every change that we made was a result of listening, a lot of listening to what our customers had to say. Our customers wanted wholesome food options that tasted great as well. So…More

Whole Wheat Goodness Now In Your Favorite Burger
Good Food Journey

In the world of burgers, this is a change of its kind. And it’s McDonald’s who is pioneering this change. Before you start wondering what we are talking about, let us tell you it’s all about the bun. Actually, all your favorite burgers including the McAloo Tikki, McSpicy Paneer, American…More

Coffee Tales

They know burgers. Their fries are too good. In fact, it was never an overstatement to say they make the best fries in the world. And you must try those whole-wheat wraps as well. But what does McDonald’s know about coffee? Is coffee their thing at all? Sounds familiar? Many…More

McCafe, McDonald's India
Coffee Tales

Coffee, a drink that wakes you up, a taste that makes you happy, and a smell that distinguishes between night and day. Coffee is more than just a beverage for millennials. It is a lifestyle. For them it’s not just about coffee, it’s about good coffee. Which is why true…More

What Makes Handcrafted Coffee So Special
Coffee Tales

For our baristas, handcrafted coffee is a process that involves many steps like adjusting proportions, brewing just for the right duration, understanding the texture of the foam, creating beautiful latte art and a lot more. But what does handcrafted coffee mean to you, dear patrons? Here are a few things…More

McDonald's Fries
Good Food Journey

So have you wondered why it’s next to impossible to replicate at home the simplicity that seems to be, McDonald’s French fries? Is there a special ingredient? What makes them so irresistibly crispy and delicious? How to get that texture? Well, here to spill all the beans, is this very…More

McDonald's McAloo Tikki burger

Yes, you read that right, the McAloo Tikki burger is a balanced meal. It means it has all the recommended amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates required in a balanced meal. When McAloo Tikki burger was first launched in India in the year 1998, menu localization was not a popular…More

McDonald's burger

Artificial preservatives have been shown the door by McDonald’s India now. This hasn’t happened overnight though. A series of steps have been taken by McDonald’s India in the last 6-7 years to ensure that food served at the outlets match the expectations of the new age customers. No Preservatives McDonald’s…More

McDonald's Veg McMuffin
Good Food Journey

For all those who like to keep a watch on their waistline, cooking methods which involve less oil are the way to go. When it comes to burgers, it is a lot about how a patty is cooked. Grilling, for example is the right option for those who shy away…More

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