How many of these McDonald’s pairings have you tried yet?


There is nothing wrong with ordering just a McDonald’s burger or a bag of fries.

But sometimes, it’s good to pair your solo order with what we call its “perfect partner”. Or even “BFF”, for that matter.

Not only does the combo make for a more filling meal. It also enhances the experience manifold.

Here are our recos for 7 “duets” you ought to try from the McDonald’s India menu.

Burger and flavoured fries

A McDonald’s burger and fries is an obvious one, we admit. But considering we also have the sinful Mexican Cheesy Fries and Piri Piri Fries besides the Classic Salted Fries for you, you still have plenty more burger-and-fries permutations and combinations to add to your eat-list and cross off from it

Masala Wedges and Iced Tea

Get a large bag of our thick, spicy Masala Wedges, along with our Iced Tea, and you’ll have your teatime snack sorted for the summer.

Wraps and Chicken McNuggets

Tear a bite off a McDonald’s wrap. Nibble into a Chicken McNugget. Repeat. Is there a better plan for your cheat day than this?

McSpicy Fried Chicken and Cooler

Savour the heat of your McSpicy Fried Chicken, then contrast it with a sip from one of our Coolers or Chillers, only to return to the fiery feast. The drinks will also add a sweet finish to your meal while keeping things light and fruity.
This special spicy delight is available only at McDonald’s South India outlets.

Veg Pizza McPuff and dessert

Follow up the vegetable-loaded goodness of our Veg Pizza McPuff with a Brownie Hot Fudge or McFlurry Oreo. It’s the perfect company for a nice sunny day.

Chatpata Naan and hot tea or coffee

chicken-naan-and-McCafe americano
Spark off a regal celebration in your taste buds by indulging in a Chatpata Aloo Naan or Chicken Chatpata Kebab Naan. And then washing it down with Moroccan Mint Green Tea, McCafe Americano, or even a steaming mug of our Hot Chocolate.

Burger and beverage

Go big with a McDonald’s Veg or Chicken Maharaja Mac burger and a large glass of Coke. It’s the best remedy for your hunger pangs on any given time and any given day.

Make it a memorable meal with these delectable pairing suggestions. Add them to your McDelivery cart and order right away!

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