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mcdonalds chicken

For non-vegetarians, chicken is love!
And, we at McDonald’s, totallyt get it, we pack your love in the form of mouth-watering chicken dishes, for all and any kinds of chicken cravings you may have.

Our assorted chicken offerings are coupled with the most authentic flavours. And we make sure they are procured & plated only in a safe and hygienic environment. For instance…our chicken is sourced from integrated poultry suppliers with biosecurity certification. Furthermore, the chicken undergoes 64 unique quality tests. Doesn’t that give you an idea of the level of safety regulations we adhere to? We’re sure it does.

So, without any further ado, here’s presenting the most popular and loved chicken items at McDonald’s that are the finest solutions for your cravings.

McSpicy Fried Chicken

Promising a burst of flavours until the very last bite, McSpicy fried chicken is a tailor-made product for the South market. A perfect blend of health and taste, McSpicy fried chicken is crunchy, juicy and rich protein. To add to this…it has no added artificial flavours.

McChicken Nuggets

mcchicken nuggets
Tender and juicy all at once, McChicken nuggets bring the goodness of fresh boneless minced chicken that’s teamed up with the tastiest seasoning, coated in batter and fried golden to perfection. That crunch in every bite will get you each time.

 Chicken Strips

mcdonalds chicken strips
Chicken strips are absolute yummy delights which are exclusively available in our South market. Expect a succulent chicken breast, rolled into a crispy batter and fried golden, together with a sauce of your choice.

Chicken Burgers

mcchicken burger
The McChicken burger is a classic favourite amongst all. Tender and juicy boneless chicken meat coated in crispy batter with a kick of spice topped with a creamy sauce…will leave you wanting for more.

McDonald’s has about every kind of chicken burger for every kind of mood. McSpicy Chicken Burger, McChicken Burger, Chicken Maharaja Mac, Chicken Kebab Burger and many more. We bet you, with a spread like this you won’t ever stop at one.

And, it’s your choice to dine-in or order as per your convenience from the one-stop destination for all chicken lovers – McDonald’s.

So, what’s your chicken craving for today?

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