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Cheesy Rice bowl at McDonalds
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Rice with gravy on top? Rice with tomato ketchup? Or with soft-boiled eggs and butter? The way people eat rice across India varies not just because of culture, but also because of personal innovations and habits. Coming to the two newly launched Rice Bowls at McDonald’s, here are a few…More

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Does McDonald’s use real chicken in its Chicken McNuggets? The answer is a resounding yes. A visit to a McDonald’s food factory tells you exactly that. That box of sumptuously crispy McNuggets served to you in a McDonald’s restaurant comes with a lot of hard work, skill and a streamlined…More

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As I stepped out of the restaurant, a cute little delivery bike in the parking lot caught my attention. The words ‘McDelivery’ written in bold looked absolutely delightful. With the onset of winters, a home delivered McAloo tikki burger and Pizza McPuff clubbed with hot cocoa was out of the…More

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How about some shake shake nuggets? McDonald’s has now begun testing seasoning flavors like zesty ranch, chipotle BBQ and garlic parmesan that customers can shake on nuggets. So, very soon, shake shake fries are going to get some good company. In its Northern Nevada locations, McDonald’s is testing its Shakin’…More