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Sunrise Hash

Customer: One McChicken please. Add some fries on the side. Server: Ma’am normal fries or sweet potato fries? Customer: *surprised* what!? Well yes, the transition from a sunny yellow to an amber shade of your favorite snack- French fries is happening in Amarillo, Texas. McDonald’s, under its Create Your Taste…More

What's Hot

As the city becomes more and more dynamic, eating out increases. Take Mumbai. In the last ten years, eating out frequency has gone up three times to about eight times a month. Not as much as the Americans – about 14 times or even Brazilians – about 11 times. So…More

Sunrise Hash

Corporate training program that teaches you how to do things correctly, are a dime a dozen. However, a video demonstrating how you keep a restaurant spic and span, which is a parody of the most popular music of the time is a rarity in itself. That is what McDonald’s USA…More