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In today’s world, where everyone is engrossed in one form of social media or another, people have very little time to sit down with family and friends to have a meaningful conversation or spend some quality time doing fun activities. In an attempt to prompt people to do just that,…More

Good Food Journey

The next time you go to a McDonald’s in Pune, don’t forget to carry an old toy. McDonald’s (HRPL), in collaboration with Akanksha Foundation, is all set to make Children’s Day special in a unique way. From November 14th to November 30th, customers can donate their unused or old toys,…More

Good Food Journey

Remember, how everyone eyed the last piece of fries on the plate. Or how reluctant we often are about sharing our gadgets, our clothes and even meals. And yet, children often find it easier to share. Is sharing a part of our natural mould or does it need to be taught…More