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McDonald's Indian Burger

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmlVSCxKCvM Do you know makes our burgers truly Indian? Any guesses? Solve the mystery of our #TrulyIndianBurger only on the McDonald’s App. Download now: https://bit.ly/2LOY4IcMore

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Two minute silence for those who think McDonald’s is the place to just grab a quick snack. There is actually so much more! Read on to find out. When you need a pick-me-up! “I don’t need coffee!” said no one ever. When you want coffee, every fibre of our body…More

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To make a paneer burger may sound easy, especially at home. But, to mass-produce a spicy paneer ‘fillet’ that is just perfect, is easier said than done. On top of it, McDonald’s needs paneer that is neither so soft that it crumbles easily during processing nor so firm that it…More

McSpicy paneer
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What makes the McSpicyPaneer a tantalizingly sought after veg burger in India? Sure it is the balanced blend of freshly baked bread and the tender and soft crispy coated paneer, but there is more. It’s Indians’ love for paneer which McDonald’s tapped into when the paneer burger was created. The…More