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Independence Day celebrations are always so special. A pleasant morning, warm greetings, a sense of gratitude, and melodies dedicated to the motherland. While the whole nation rejoices, McDonald’s India rejoices too. You will be surprised at how we are rolling this time, but it is going to be beautiful nonetheless.…More

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It’s India’s 75th Independence Day—just the occasion to celebrate our country’s bounty of flavours, palates, and ingredients, among other glories. It is this diversity that we, at McDonald’s, are proud to experience. Not only are more than 99% of the ingredients in your favourite McDonald’s foods sourced from across the…More

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McDonald’s India (West&South) celebrated the country’s 71st Independence Day with full zeal and zest. Brilliant tri-colored decorations and flags were everywhere to be seen. Here is a glimpse of the celebrations.More

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When McDonald’s first came to India, it spent three years of research on tweaking its original menu and coming up with something that people could relate to. As a result, they introduced certain menu items that were not available anywhere else but India. These items –and there were many of…More