This Independence Day, groove to the desi “Pa Ra Pa Pa Pa!”

Independence Day celebrations are always so special. A pleasant morning, warm greetings, a sense of gratitude, and melodies dedicated to the motherland.

While the whole nation rejoices, McDonald’s India rejoices too. You will be surprised at how we are rolling this time, but it is going to be beautiful nonetheless. We too, have chimed into the music of the occasion, but with a twist.

Everyone knows the famous McDonald’s jingle “Pa Ra Pa Pa Pa” right? We decided to give it a desi spin in collaboration with 9xM. You have loved the jingle, haven’t you? Now get ready to love it even more #TogetherWithMcDonalds. On the 77th Independence Day, McDonald’s goes desi like never before. The popular tune has been orchestrated with the various indigenous musical instruments, and McDonald’s is celebrating the symphony of flavors. The country is vibrant with diverse people and its music.

So, we will be strumming the strings with the rhythm of togetherness. It is groovy, catchy, and you will surely be lovin’ it!

To make it even more interesting, we have prepared some activities. Let’s Fusion It Up with the current trend of musicians composing their own verse to an instrumental track. The mic has been passed to these talented artists to add a verse in their preferred language about their love for McDonald’s. And of course, they can pick any segment of the track.

In this ode to appreciate and embrace diversity, our staff is also participating. The eight states of McDonald’s India South & West—are going to groove to this anthem. One outlet from a state will create a hook step, and the next will have to follow suit. But the catch is that you can’t pick the music that represents your state.

The audience can also expect a contest where they too can guess the instruments played, and the winner will get an Independence Day gift.

Hear the beat yourself and try to figure out how many instruments you can identify.

What was your reaction? Were you lovin’ it by saying “chala ruchiga”, “vaav”, “jalsaa”, “sakkath”, “supperr”, “macha”, “susegaad”, or “mog”?

Spend this Independence Day in the company of loved ones while enjoying delicious, melodious Indian tunes. Humming the new anthem, drop by your closest McDonald’s restaurant for an indulgent meal. Or, feel free to get it delivered to your doorstep from the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. To avail interesting and exciting deals, discounts, and offers, download the McDonald’s app.

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