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Good Food Journey

After weeks of excitement and creativity at its peak, the McDonald’s Chef Challenge has named two winners – Nikhil  Bhatia from IHM Bangalore and Karuna Banerjee from IHM Mumbai. Nikhil named his burger “Vietyumese” as he says his recipe is inspired from Vietnamese cuisine while Karuna named her burger “Lorraine”…More

What's Hot

Some of the best aspiring chefs in the country are now the finalists in the McDonald’s Chef Challenge. Always striving to offer better and tastier burgers to its loyal customers, McDonald’s has started a first-of-its-kind campaign, in association with various Institute of Hotel Management, called the ‘Chef Challenge’. Several aspiring…More

Hum Log

“From IHM Goa, I had the opportunity to work either with the Taj group, Four Seasons or McDonald’s. The program at McDonald’s appealed to me the most as it was providing the most promising growth opportunity.Now that I look back, seven years later, I am happy I followed my heart.…More