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It’s Chicken Month all September, so you need to ensure you treat yourself to the best chicken in town, especially at this time. That’s why you have to include McDonald’s crispy chicken burgers in your eat list. We use only top-notch chicken sourced through a certified controlled supply chain and…More

Good Food Journey

If you were asked to name one popular dish from each South Indian state, what would you say? Let’s help you a little there. You must have surely heard of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Keema Masala Dosa, Malabar Fish Curry, and Chicken Chettinad. Along with beautiful cities, villages, and beaches, South…More

Good Food Journey

Forget about what came first- the chicken or the egg. Chicken lovers love both equally. So does McDonald’s. But how is chicken sourced at McDonald’s? What makes the chicken in burgers, nuggets and wings so juicy and fresh? McDonald’s, following its policy of locally sourcing the ingredients, gets its chicken…More