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McDonald's a happly place to work
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Being right at par with the quality of food that is served, McDonald’s has also never fallen short of expectations when it comes to quality-service. But behind McDonald’s great service and friendly ambiance, are a bunch of very happy and friendly employees who love to…More

McDonald's World Chocolate Day

Who else hears a string quartet playing in the background when rich creamy chocolate melts in your mouth? That’s probably the PEA (phenylethylamine) in the chocolate working its magic, which is the same compound that your brain releases when you fall in love. Doesn’t that…More

McDonald's India 300 store
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https://youtu.be/Fzkk5e6VTMo During the last 23 years of serving world-class good food to our patrons, we have grown a lot. We opened restaurants in cities, big and small, and we came up with new menu items, inspired by both local and global cuisines. And amidst all…More

McDonald's McCafe coffee
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Is your dad someone you can call “chill”? Or is he known for his ways of showing some tough love? No matter, life would be pretty dull if it were devoid of his love and support, those hilarious dad jokes, and the “ask your mother”…More

McDonald's employee stories
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Working in a field that truly excites you is a great thing. While most young people may not have it all figured out from day one, if they know what they like doing, that’s a huge step, because when you like what you do, challenges…More

McDonald's happy meal secret life of pets
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Get ready to unbox your favorite tail-wagging, bone-eating, fuzzy characters from The Secret Life of Pets 2 with every McDonald’s Happy Meal. Yep, you heard that right! Not only is Max and his squad back, but now you can even get the chance to take…More

Good Communities

On World Environment Day, we thought it would be apt to talk about a very special initiative of ours. Did you know that a part of our logistics fleet runs on fuel made from our used cooking oil at restaurants? Innovative, right? So how does…More

McDonald's mother's day
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Have you heard of a job wherein a person must be able to work 135-plus hours a week, take no breaks and manage 10 to 15 projects at a time amongst other things? And leaves, what leaves? We are talking about the toughest job in…More

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