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Ho ho ho! You didn’t think we’d let World Egg Day slide by without having something special in store for you guys, did you? Think again! Coz this World Egg Day, celebration at McDonald’s is going to be massive and guess what, it has already begun! And if you’re an…More

Three Reasons You Should Try Whole Wheat Buns At McDonald’s
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In October last year, McDonald’s India (West & South) introduced something that was unheard of in the world of burgers; it brought whole wheat buns to your plate. After taking measures like removing artificial colours and preservatives from patties and reducing oil and sodium in sauces, introducing wheat buns was…More

Whole Wheat Goodness Now In Your Favorite Burger
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In the world of burgers, this is a change of its kind. And it’s McDonald’s who is pioneering this change. Before you start wondering what we are talking about, let us tell you it’s all about the bun. Actually, all your favorite burgers including the McAloo Tikki, McSpicy Paneer, American…More