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Earth is our home, and as it is well-known, There is no Planet B!!!! April 22 which marks Earth Day reminds us to continue honoring Earth through environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives. McDonald’s India’s commitment to a healthier planet through our Go Green initiatives remains informed and steadfast. Sustainability initiatives…More

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“The Earth is what we all have in common.”  Wendell Berry At a UNESCO conference in 1969, peace activist John McConnell suggested the idea of celebrating Earth Day. Now, April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day every year. The intention was to protect the earth from man-made destruction. We are…More

Happy Earth Day
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McDonald’s India – Westlife Development plays an active role in providing smart and sustainable solutions for a happy world. Resources are mindfully utilised to conserve what is left of the Earth, and rebuild it. McDonald’s India has its focus is on many aspects of the environment, with an objective of…More