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Coffee Tales

McDonald’s India has launched not one but two of its flagship McCafé outlets in Chennai – one at the Vijaya Forum Mall on Arcot Road, and the other at Anna Nagar – thus demolishing the myth that Chennai is a city that loves only filter kaapi. The sprouting of numerous…More

Hum Log

As bad as it was, the Chennai floods brought out the best in people. People from all walks of life were seen helping others on the streets, rescuing them, bringing food to them, doing every little thing that could help in some way. McDonald’s staff members from its restaurants in…More

What's Hot

On 25 July 2015, McDonald’s launched a new store at Adyar, Chennai with a super successful Bloggers meet. As a part of this meet, a group of food bloggers got to experience some behind the scene action at McDonald’s. And so the fun ensued! The meet was kick-started with a…More