When A Cute Love Story Comes With Free Fries

Over the last 22 years in India, countless stories have happened over burgers and fries at McDonald’s. Whether you’re giving a treat to your friends or sharing a bitter-sweet moment with someone special, your friendly neighborhood McDonald’s became a part of many of your memories.

In Hum Tum’s latest episode brought to you by TSP and McDonald’s, ‘Is It a Break?’ the young, relatable couple, Kishore and Tanvi, dines out at McDonald’s and finds themselves amidst a difficult situation. Tanvi has to go to Bangalore for a two-month internship and Kishore does not like the idea of them being apart. Will they break up or will they decide to go through the painful ordeal of being in a distance-relationship?

Watch the video today to see how the story unfolds. We bet it will remind you of something that you have seen or experienced yourself before. And while you are at it, we intend to keep those burgers, fries, and coke coming for you.

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