Let Kids Be Kids Again!

“Go outside and play!” Four golden words that made every 80s and 90s kid so happy, the whole street would know. Those were the days when post school hours were all about running around, getting dirty, screaming your lungs out at sports grounds, followed by flaunting scrapes and bruises like they were some battle scars.

Fast forward to today and kids can be seen super busy, with no time to play. When it is not homework and extra classes, there is always some digital game or a video chat with some tough looking character. The HD screens are mostly on, while the playgrounds are empty, and the streets, less noisy.

So this Children’s month, McDonald’s India (West & South) and NBA India have decided to do something about it. McDonald’s is offering an NBA branded basketball, so that kids can develop an interest in a real sport. All you have to do is visit your nearest McDonald’s outlet and order a Family Meal and you will get an assured basketball!

Not just that, there will be NBA Experiential Zones in 37 McDonald’s outlets in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore where fans can experience the atmosphere of being at an NBA game through a range of interactive experiences.

The excitement is building up already. We suggest you go, score a slam dunk as soon as possible because the offer is there till stocks last. Get your hands on these NBA basketballs and ask your kids to go out. There is a whole world outside, for them to experience. All they need to do is switch off and play.

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