McDonald’s App is Here to Spoil You

When we think of good food paired with reliable and efficient service, and not to mention pocket-friendly offerings, McDonald’s definitely comes to mind. McDonald’s has, since day one, been surprising everyone with innovative initiatives – from localized menu items like Rice Bowls and Chicken Kebab burger to Whole Wheat bun options, there is something new for you to explore every now and then.

“So, what’s next with McDonald’s?” one may ask, completely aware of the fact that McDonald’s is always coming up with something totally new and exciting. Remember when McDonald’s India (West & South) made itself accessible on your phone through the McDelivery app? Well, things can only keep getting better when it comes to McDonald’s.

We’re talking about the all new McDonald’s app. Here are a few reasons why you should download the app now.

This app is custom-made for you.

The McDonald’s app brings to you unique offers that are customized just for you. Based on your past orders, it puts together all your favorites in different combos at unbelievable prices. All you have to do is step into the nearest McDonald’s store which the app will help you locate, open the app to choose your favorite offer, and redeem it within ten minutes. Just like that!

It keeps you updated

If you’re a McDonald’s fan, there is all the more reason why you should not miss out on all the good stuff about the brand. Want to know the story behind your favorite burger? Or about the piping-hot Spicy Rice Bowl you’re about to devour? Or what makes the legendary McDonald’s fries the best in the world? Well, it’s all there in the app, and everything else you need to know about McDonald’s.

Not a chance to miss out

Now imagine there’s a “Buy one get one free” offer or a free McVeggie/McChicken burger offer and you miss out on them because nobody told you. What a waste, right? But with the McDonald’s app, you don’t have to worry about missing out on new great offers and discounts anymore. You can completely rely on it to keep you updated every day.
Now that you know what the McDonald’s app is, all there’s left for you to do is to download it and enjoy all the exciting offers coming your way. Click here to download the app now and experience McDonald’s like never before.

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