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Coffee Tales

Go for that coffee. It keeps the heart in better shape, has a cocktail of antioxidants and brings stress levels down. It isn’t as good as a workout but does tick all the other boxes. Three to five cups a day can do more than…More

Good Food Stories

McCafes will be shortly coming up somewhere near you. If not just yet, soon enough. Step in to take a sip of Macchiato – an Espresso with a dollop of foam milk.  In Italian, macchiato means ‘stained’ or ‘spotted’ so caffè macchiato is ‘stained coffee’,…More

Good Food Stories

McDonald’s India is bringing down the amount of salt and calories in its menu without compromising on the taste. “I order in from McDonald’s at least twice a month and think it tastes pretty much the same,” said Rahul Dutta in an interview to Reuters,…More

Good Food Stories

Every year in the Chinese calendar is celebrated as the year of one animal associated with it. They can be ox, rat, ram, snake, dog, rabbit, dragon, tiger, horse, rooster, monkey and pig. The festival is a 15-day celebration with reunions, family feasts, food and…More