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Sunrise Hash

The racial, cultural and religious diversity of McDonald’s staff is well known the world over. But, did you also know that the company is one of the largest employers in the world? Let’s take a look at some of the other giants McDonald’s rubs shoulders…More

Coffee Tales

Georgia Coffee, which was launched in 1975 by Coca-Cola Company, celebrated its fortieth anniversary this year and as the world says, 40 years is as young as they come. Georgia is the name of a popular brand of coffee drinks sold by the Coca-Cola Company.…More

All you need is love, or better yet some ‘lovin’. We all know it. The Beatles knew it and McDonald’s knows it too. The largest comfort food chain is spreading their “lovin” message far and wide. It’s reached Gotham with Batman and Joker, as well…More

Sunrise Hash

One fine morning, McDonald’s customers in Andover, Massachusetts received a a jolt of surprise, when they saw longtime “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno serving burgers at the drive through window and working behind the counter. Jay Leno, famous American comedian and actor, visited his hometown…More

You turn on the TV and settle in for cricket’s biggest extravaganza. The bowler comes steaming in… a dot ball… the towering batsman gets a measure of the bounce. You take a deep breath, the batsman exhales… you gawk, he glares. Ball two… hefted over…More

Sunrise Hash

McDonald’s has come a long way since selling burgers in 1940 to where it is today! As it successfully completes 60 years of its journey, we have compiled some fun and interesting facts about McDonald’s for you to enjoy! Take a look at the events…More

With McCafe opening its doors in Bengaluru, there’s one more reason to go out and reach for that cup of coffee. McCafe  will take the expression “let’s talk over a cup of coffee” to a whole new level with its aromatic coffees and flavored teas…More

Sunrise Hash

McDonald’s in Sweden has just come out with a fashion line which pays homage to the Big Mac, the big daddy of all burgers. The fashion line made its debut at Stockholm, Sweden. The line includes clothing, household goods and accessories. This was all part…More

Good Food Stories

During its early days, McDonald’s was actually a barbecue joint owned by Richard and Maurice McDonald. But it was, Ray Kroc who made the restaurant chain into the brand we know today. It is this legacy that the McDonald’s First Store Museum in Des Plaines, Illinois…More

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