McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Meals: Wholesome Indulgence at ₹320!

It’s not just a wholesome and delicious burger on your plate. With McDonald’s Fries and the beverage of your choice on the side, the satisfying Gourmet Burger McDonald’s Meal at ₹320 is a complete meal in itself!

McDonald’s Gourmet Burgers are the artful combination of indulgent flavors, fresh ingredients, and sauces like no other that enhance the taste in every bite. When you crave for a burger that is not just a patty between buns but an example of understanding nuanced flavors and techniques, it’s the Gourmet McDonald’s Menu that needs your attention.  

The wholesome indulgence that one experiences with the McDonald’s Gourmet Burgers is carefully curated with a range of cheesy burgers and the spicy ones.

When talking about the divine and satisfying McDonald’s cheesy gourmet burgers, it’s the Cheese Lava American Burger and Triple Cheese American Burger that you could go for. Let us tell you what this cheese mania is about, that will have you thinking about it even after it is done! Much like a good movie, the burger plays on your mind for a long time.

Here’s what goes into our mind-blowing, layered with cheese McDonald’s Gourmet Burgers. To begin, the freshly toasted sesame buns come from the state-of-the-art facility in Maharashtra, its roasted chipotle sauce gives it the distinct flavor as do the quintessential crunchy onion shreds. The fresh and earthy jalapenos come from the finest farms of Karnataka. Our Cheese Lava American Burgers carry their freshness with the salad mix present in them where the crunchiness of lettuce comes from Southern India. The cheesy insides of the patty that you are looking for in the first place, are sure to give you the relish worthy mmmoments.

Now coming to the spicy burgers like the McSpicy Premium Burger and the Piri Piri Spiced Burger in the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger range. Other than the toasted whole wheat buns, it is the flavorful sauces that make the McSpicy Premium burger rich in texture and taste. The velvety cocktail sauce and the hot habanero sauce accompanied with the creamy cheesy sauce gives it a hot yet creamy taste. All of this, alongside the earthy jalapenos, shredded fresh and crunchy lettuce, hearty cheese slice that comes from the dairy hub of Maharashtra and the juicy and spicy paneer/ chicken patty in the respective veg and non-veg burgers adds the extra special feels to the McSpicy Premium Gourmet Burger. The McSpicy Premium Chicken burger also boasts of a freshly steamed egg patty for some added nourishment. While the Piri Piri spiced burger shares the perfect hint of spice with the Piri Piri spice.

So, what more can we say, all of this yumminess gets accentuated with the all-time-favorite McDonald’s Fries and the beverage that you’d like to sip on. Wholesomeness just took off to another level with the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Meals. When you are looking for a wholesome and indulgent gourmet meal that is made to perfection, visit your nearest McDonald’s outlet or order in for the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Meal of your choice on the McDelivery website or app. Appreciate the art on your plate before you consume every bite of it like a true gourmet burger connoisseur.

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