It’s time to feast on the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Collection

You’ve enjoyed the McAloo Tikki Burger.

You’ve showered your love on the McChicken Burger.

You’ve gorged on enough Maharaja Macs to command the awe and respect of one and all.

Let’s get you another glorious burger experience.

Here’s presenting for your time and belly the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Collection! Whether you’d like them cheesy or spicy, we have them all here in this delightful indulgent new range.

This unique collection features not one or two but 11 exclusive rich, filling, indulgent, generously sized, and temptingly delicious burgers, with signature McDonald’s touches.

To make it an even more rewarding experience for you, our delectable Gourmet Burger offerings from the McDonald’s India menu pack in plenty of extras—think more veggies, more sauces, new buns, and in some cases, two patties. You surely can’t wait to try them all, can you?

Choose between our flaming-hot spicy burgers and the very sinful cheesy burgers, based on what your taste buds prefer or what your mood dictates.

Here’s the lust-list of our excellent 11 from the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger menu. A mere look at their names, and you can say they’re a treat like no other!
• Triple Cheese American Veg Burger
• Triple Cheese American Chicken Burger
• Cheese Lava American Veg Burger
• Cheese Lava American Chicken Burger
• Chunky Chipotle American Chicken Burger
• Jalapeno Rush Paneer Burger
• Jalapeno Rush Chicken Burger
• McSpicy Premium Veg Burger
• McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger
• Piri Piri Spiced Veg Burger
• Piri Piri Spiced Chicken Burger

For starters, we recommend our McSpicy Premium and Cheese Lava American Burgers. The latter’s cheesy overload, which comes from their highly inviting cheese-oozing patties, makes these burgers a drool-worthy affair. And the McSpicy Premium Burgers, with their chilli-licious patties and habanero sauce, are the true hotties of the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger menu. Coupled with a host of exotic ingredients, each assures a brilliantly lavish McDonald’s Gourmet Burger experience.

The McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Collection is available at select outlets in select cities of South & West India. Besides heading to the nearest restaurant they’re available at, you can call for these gorgeous burgers on the McDelivery website or app, too—they’ll come to you so fresh, you’ll feel as if they’ve been served to you on your plate straight out of the kitchen without travelling for miles! They’re also up for delivery on Swiggy under The McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Collection. Regardless of where you order them from, if you can get your hands on them all, you know you’re in for a delicious, indulgent treat like no other!

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