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McDonald's Employee stories
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Have you ever seen people playing one-minute games at McDonald’s? For that one minute, even people from a generation who can’t function without phones, laugh their way into winning a simple game as their friends and McDonald’s staff cheer on. Maaz has been working at McDonald’s for the last two…More

McDonald's Chicken Wing Day
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What are some perks of living in South India? Proximity to both beaches and hill stations, multiple number of heritage sites, rich cuisine, great coffee…… and Chicken Wings at McDonald’s! Imagine devouring crispy and juicy chicken wings dipped in sauce and washing it down with chilled, fizzy Coke. Just picturing…More

McDonald's sustainability
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Another milestone for McDonald’s, another achievement just as big and celebratory as the others. This time McDonald’s India is celebrating its 300th restaurant in West & South region.More

McDonald's Smita Jatia
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McCafé, McDonald’s in-house café dedicated to coffee and coffee lovers, became a sensation when it was launched in India on October 2013. But what it meant to people was more than just a café, it was a place that brought handcrafted coffee, the best desserts, and affordability altogether. McCafé has…More

McDonald's Happy Meal Snoopy
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Snoopy is making a comeback in McDonald’s Happy Meal, and this time he’s about to reach for the moon with NASA. Read on to find out what we’re talking about. Okay, in case you guys didn’t know already, Snoopy, our favorite beagle from Peanuts, became the unofficial mascot for NASA…More

McDonald's French Fry Day
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French Fry. Two words that can bring a smile to any face. French Fries are crispy, delicious in all shapes and sizes, and they, without any exaggeration, smell like happiness. What’s there not to love? 13th July is National French Fry Day, a day that unites all the fry lovers…More

McDonald's free fries
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What’s crispy, delicious, and has a special place in your heart? If you’re thinking about McDonald’s golden fries, we don’t blame you. French Fry is love. This National French Fry Day, McDonald’s is doing a lill something special that will make your day, your week, and even your entire month!…More

McDonald's a happly place to work
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Being right at par with the quality of food that is served, McDonald’s has also never fallen short of expectations when it comes to quality-service. But behind McDonald’s great service and friendly ambiance, are a bunch of very happy and friendly employees who love to work at our restaurants. So…More

McDonald's World Chocolate Day

Who else hears a string quartet playing in the background when rich creamy chocolate melts in your mouth? That’s probably the PEA (phenylethylamine) in the chocolate working its magic, which is the same compound that your brain releases when you fall in love. Doesn’t that explain why chocolates are so…More

McDonald's India 300 store
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https://youtu.be/Fzkk5e6VTMo During the last 23 years of serving world-class good food to our patrons, we have grown a lot. We opened restaurants in cities, big and small, and we came up with new menu items, inspired by both local and global cuisines. And amidst all the excitement and expansion plans,…More

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