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To honor and observe the International Earth Day, McDonald’s observes earth hour every year. But that doesn’t mean efforts can’t be made on other days of the year. Here are five things that McDonald’s India (West & South) does on a daily basis to achieve…More

McDonald's India vote
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgOSppEUjbg The general elections have taken over almost every social media platform. From memes to serious debates, political parties are taking every possible route to reach out to old as well as the 130 million first-time voters who are more politically aware than ever, thanks…More

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Barbie and Hot Wheels… Pretty sure nobody needs an introduction to these toys. Everyone has practically grown up with them. But who says we’ve grown out of them? Which is why McDonald’s Happy Meal is thrilled to present to you an exciting version of the…More

McSaver meals with free fries
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What if someone told you that you can get free fries along with your favourite burger and beverage at McDonald’s? You’d probably just chuckle and call it wishful thinking. Lo and behold! With a Medium McDonald’s McSaver, you can get just that- free fries with…More

Mcdonald's Tirupati
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A change of scene from the quiet seaside and the bustling metropolises of South and West India, McDonald’s has now found its way into the holy land of Tirupati. Andhra Pradesh’s very own “Spiritual Capital” now has McDonald’s right in the heart of the city.…More

Discovery Mindblown Robot
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Are you or your kid the kind of souls that get pumped up at the mention of the word ‘science’? Do nuts and bolts and screw drivers fascinate you? Is the breeziest TV show you watch has mentions of words like anthropology and Big Bang?…More

Coffee Tales

It’s been two weeks since McCafé Espressers 2019 took place where 16 top Baristas from across the country participated. It was an exciting day to start with, coffee lovers from various corners of the country reached the venue to delve deeper into the caffeinated ambience.…More

Breakfast at McDonald's
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Valentine’s Day is almost here guys, and it falls right in the middle of the week. We know, we know. That is when you have a lot on your plate and you simply don’t have the luxury to take your significant other out on a…More

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