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McDonald's employee
Hum Log

“It is not unusual for us to remember a customer’s birthday. But imagine a customer remembering your birthday! At that moment, you know that working at McDonald’s is totally worth it! Your work is appreciated. You are valued!” says Sugandhi, remembering her fondest moment at McDonald’s. Sugandhi, a shy yet…More

Hum Log

“Focus on your goals, no matter how difficult the path is,” says Hema. As someone who has shuffled tirelessly between college and work, she knows what she’s talking about. It was 2016 when Hema joined McDonald’s store as a trainee, and by the time she finished her studies, she was…More

Hum Log

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch A shy mother-of-two comes in to work every morning, ready to face any challenges of the day, so she can help her family financially. The story of Reshma Kashinath Mane is one that you’ve probably heard of,…More

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Late night hunger pangs and cravings are a thing of the past now. McDonald’s Mumbai is here, all in, to accommodate your crazy, fun night-outs. That’s right! We’re now open 24*7 at seven locations in the city. So what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear…More

McDonald's Hasbro Happy Meal
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For this month’s Happy Meal edition, we’re going back to a time before the digital world took over. A much simpler time when playing a game meant friends and family gathering round a table, each taking their shot to emerge as a victor. We’re talking classic board games, toys, and…More

Valentine's day McDonalds
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Valentine’s Day is right here. Oh! The anticipation, the racing hearts, and the excitement – we know exactly what you’re going through! Over the years we’ve seen and celebrated this special day with all kinds of love birds, from the anxious first-timers to the still-in-love-and-going-strong-long-timers. This year is no exception,…More

McCafe India
Coffee Tales

What is the most romantic thing you have done for your partner on Valentine’s Day, both big and small gestures included? Have you written a poem for them? Or maybe taken them out for a nice breakfast because their day looked really busy? When it comes to giving a surprise…More

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