All you Anime fans! The world’s favorite WcDonald’s come to life

Anime fandom, get excited! Something you would have only imagined is here for real!!!

WcDonald’s world is here 🤩🤩🤩🤩

From April 5, 2024, our first ever McDonald’s outlet in India – The Linking Road in Bandra (Mumbai) store has started to look, be, and feel like the WcDonald’s universe from Japanese anime.

McDonald’s is WcDonald’s in Japanese anime and manga works. It’s a fictional universe anime creators and fans have created, inspired by the global popularity of our dear McDonald’s.

Here’s a glimpse of the WcDonald’s anime world with our brand film – take a look here.

WcDonald’s first appeared in the 1981 Japanese manga series, Cat’s Eye, in the A Mystery for a Winter Night episode. Serving as a background/cameo element in many anime works, WcDonald’s has since been regarded as a hat tip to the love that many share for McDonald’s. In a show of appreciation, McDonald’s is now bringing WcDonald’s to life at select stores across the world. One of these themed outlets will be our Linking Road restaurant in Bandra (W)! Amazingly conceptualized and brought to life by DDB Mudra Group, the restaurant’s décor and ambiance looks nothing like before and instead has donned a new avatar with a complete makeover, reflecting the Anime aesthetics.

At this WcDonald’s, the aesthetics are, Fantasy meets fandom!!!! As they say, まじ (maji) aka REALLY!

Arvind R.P., our Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s India (W&S) stated, “Anime culture is booming in India, particularly amongst Gen Z. For years, anime fans have brought their favorite brand to life within the Anime universe. The McDonald’s-inspired WcDonald’s is a case in point. Now, WcDonald’s transcends fantasy, becoming reality. We honor our fans’ imaginations by authentically manifesting the WcDonald’s universe in our restaurants, as we invite them to be part of our story like never before. We invite everyone, particularly manga enthusiasts, to step into this immersive anime world!”

Whether you are an anime-head or a curious McDonald’s fan learning about the WcDonald’s universe, NOW is a BRILLIANT time to check WcDonald’s out! Experience the anime magic, first-hand! WcDonald’s is going to be around only for one month from the day of its launch.

Welcome to WcDonald’s!

To further honor this collab, we’ve added a *limited-time* Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce to our menu, a dip inspired by fearless, dynamic, and beloved anime heroes. Infused with a blend of ginger, garlic, soy, and chili flakes, this sauce guarantees an explosion of energy with each bite. It goes great with an order of your fave Chicken McNuggets®, oops, we mean the 10 pcs WcNuggets, that, by the way, come in the *new* manga-inspired packaging too, woo-hoo! The packaging features WcDonald’s Crew characters by Japanese Manga Artist / Illustrator, Acky Bright. If you’re into collecting, this is a treat indeed!


That’s not all! McDonald’s India is further complementing this unique initiative with four captivating anime-themed brand films, so keep your eyes on our social media channels. Produced by Japanese animation studio, Studio Pierrot, the first official WcDonald’s anime has episodic shots exploring WcDonald’s Sauce and Chicken WcNuggets. Funsies!!!! What an amazing experience this WcDonald’s anime world is with a limited-time savory sauce, exciting new collectible manga-themed packaging and an anime-themed restaurant to the release of four anime films, an unimaginable experience!

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Get ready for WcNuggets Space Frontier 3000
Get set for The Race to WcDonald’s
Feel the Love From Across The Booth

If you haven’t made time yet to experience it, do it soon we say! Have the McDonald’s App on hand to avail our offers! If you fancy getting take-out home, use the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App to order in: McChicken® Burger, McAloo Tikki Burger®, Chicken McNuggets® with the NEW Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce, Lotus Biscoff® McFlurry™, Chocolate Shake, Veg Maharaja Mac, and more. Stay kawaii! 😇☺️

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