The joy of togetherness during Ramadan #FestivalsMakeFamilies

It feels as if your world has been turned upside down when you are away from home. The comfort is gone, and every tiniest detail that you have taken for granted pricks you. Well, the only constant in life is change, and going with the flow is easier said than done, right?

The realization of not being at home hits even harder during festivals. When you know that all your loved ones are together and you can’t be there, it makes you feel even more distant, right? Especially for all those who are observing their Ramadan fasts in another place, home is dearly missed. Even though you know that you will go back for Eid, the entire month is not an easy one.

But as you know, McDonald’s is by your side no matter the occasion. It is your home away from home, no matter where you are. Yes, you may not get your favorite dish that your mom makes for you. You do not get to follow your family’s Ramadan routine. However, there’s a different kind of celebration and fervor at McDonald’s. 

Take a look at these three young professionals figuring themselves out in a new space. And right when they are doing so, their festival—and possibly their favorite time of the year—begins. Though they are so far from home, they create a new Iftar experience for themselves and bond over a McDonald’s meal, keeping with the spirit of #FestivalsMakeFamilies. Let’s see this heartwarming story:

Home is where the heart is, so make a little room for McDonald’s in it! You can always start a new Iftar tradition for yourself.

Thoughts of the spicy samosas you always bought at the end of the street keeping you up? Keep it spicy as usual with a McSpicy™ chicken meal.

Can’t forget the after prayers shawarma scenes with your cousins? Have the new Piri Piri Big Spicy Wrap Chicken for another unforgettable memory!

Are you thinking of the experiments in the kitchen with new recipes from the internet? Try the new Piri Piri McSpicy™ Chicken Burger for bursting flavors of awesomeness.

Missed your mandatory Rooh Afza Sharbat? Find refreshment in the Mango Smoothie or the Sweet Lime Cooler.

This Ramadan, break your fast at McDonald’s and feel at home. Just like Ayesha, Roohi, and Kabir did, and experience a different joy of togetherness!

While you celebrate this blessed month, know that McDonald’s is right around the corner. Stop by an outlet near you, or order in from the McDelivery® app or the McDelivery® website. Avail offers and discounts on your McSpicy™ chicken meal, McDonald’s family pack, and family meal offers by downloading the McDonald’s app.

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