Anime fans are lovin’ it! WcDonald’s for the WIN ✨✨

April 2024 has been an i’m lovin’ it month for us in more ways than one! One high point or should we say, kawaii point, is welcoming WcDonald’s to our family of West & South restaurants in the country, at Linking Road, Bandra in Aamchi Mumbai.

Those who recognize the WcDonald’s anime universe, know it to be a fictional world resembling McDonald’s as it features in Japanese anime and manga works. Bringing WcDonald’s to life at our Linking Road outlet in Bandra (W) is iconic, and many of you think so too! 🥳

We were excited, and feeling the love, seeing anime fans visit – some in their cosplay best (we spotted one Sailor Moon! 😉), take pictures, explore, and eat their McDonald’s faves.

Here are some videos by anime fans and personalities that came by, having an experience like never before! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

💛 Actor Saloni Daini animatedly gives you a tour

💛 Cosplayer Rara, decked in cute costume, walks through WcDonald’s anime world

💛 Anime fans, taking a peek, and getting enthralled

💛 Aryan Kayaria plays Hide n’ Seek in-store with mates

💛 ABhi ABhishek takes his love for anime to the next level in this feel good skit

💛 Dedicated Cosplayer Rara treats us to another video while putting her anime look together We’ve also got Chronicles of Comic Con updates for you on Instagram!


WcDonald’s at Linking Road, Bandra will remain WcDonald’s until May 5th, 2024, that’s right! *sad face* If you haven’t been to the restaurant yet, NOW is a great time to visit! *happy face*

In addition to seeing the store in its made-over WcDonald’s anime glory, you can also enjoy our available-for-a-limited-time-only Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce with WcNuggets (our Chicken McNuggets®). The sauce, which is infused with a blend of ginger, garlic, soy, and chili flakes, is a WcDonald’s anime fan fave! Therefore, we ask you to… HurRrRry!!!

There are a few other things to not miss:

❤️ The collector-friendly manga-inspired packaging, featuring WcDonald’s Crew characters designed by Japanese Manga Artist / Illustrator, Acky Bright 👌🏽

❤️ Four complementing WcDonald’s the Manga episodic stories available to download and read for free, produced by Japanese animation studio, Studio Pierrot with art by Acky Bright: 01 The Race to WcDonald’s, 02Love from Across the Booth, 03WcNuggets: Space Frontier 3000, and 04 The Wisdom of the Sauce❗❗❗❗

The WcDonald’s anime universe is one for the memories 🍔🍟🥤🍦☕

Come see us before closing date, i.e., May 5th, 2024! Use the McDonald’s App in-store to avail of offers on our WcDonald’s meals and specials! You can get take-out, if you prefer it – the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App will help you get good deals! Visiting our Linking Road store is an ✨experience✨ and we’d love for you to visit!

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