What’s Your IPL Score Today?

If you haven’t played the “Scan to Score” game on the McDonald’s app yet, you are missing something really exciting. Of course IPL matches are exciting in their own right. One match after another, the pumping adrenaline, the music, and the massive collective interest, have all made IPL a class apart. But when you play the “Scan to Score” game on the McDonald’s app, the excitement level grows all the more. Here are a couple of reasons why you must play the game.

It’s rewarding

With “Scan to Score”, you unlock exciting offers after scoring every 20 runs. Now who wouldn’t want to get McDonald’s offers?

McDonalds App IPL Game

It’s fun
While all the offers and rewards are fine, there is a different kind of joy in beating top scorers everyday in the “Scan to Score” game. Don’t believe us? Download the app today, start scanning, and find out for yourself.

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