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McSpicy paneer
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What makes the McSpicyPaneer a tantalizingly sought after veg burger in India? Sure it is the balanced blend of freshly baked bread and the tender and soft crispy coated paneer, but there is more. It’s Indians’ love for paneer which McDonald’s tapped into when the…More

McDonald's at Nellore
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‘Spice it up’- says Nellore. This beautiful district located in coastal Andhra loves its food hot and spicy. Talk of the popular Nellore Reddy cuisine replete with ‘Pulusu’ and ‘Kodikura’ and you know that you are in for a mouth-watering treat. Nellore Thali is popular…More

McDonald's Oldest EMployee
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If you happen to visit the Bedok Interchange McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore, don’t forget to say hello to 92-year-old Goh Gwek Eng. The agile nonagenarian from Singapore is McDonald’s oldest employee working. Goh is a great-grandmother heading a large clan of five children, 10 grandchildren…More

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Does McDonald’s use real chicken in its Chicken McNuggets? The answer is a resounding yes. A visit to a McDonald’s food factory tells you exactly that. That box of sumptuously crispy McNuggets served to you in a McDonald’s restaurant comes with a lot of hard…More

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When you last went to a McDonald’s, did you meet up with the bell, the ball, the boot and the bow tie (also called the bone)? That happens to be the happy family of Chicken McNuggets… one of those little attention to detail that, well,…More

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A few days back, Grammarly posted a very apt description of many millennials’ idea of their favorite kind of party. The illustration had a girl tucked in her bed with a book and a mug of coffee placed on a side table. The comfort of…More

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