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A Treat @ McDonald's
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It was a fine Sunday morning when kids from Father Agnel’s Orphanage, all dressed in their best clothes waited for their warden to call out their names to sit in a van that went to a McDonald’s restaurant in Navi Mumbai. Upon reaching the restaurant,…More

McDonald's Kozhikode
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What can you add to a place that has the delectable Kozhikode biryani, coconut gooseberry chutney, seasoned and stir-fried tender jackfruit, creamy rich moru curry and steaming hot pottu? Well, you could add the world’s most favourite burgers that people from Kerala love when they…More

Desi Tadka For A Global Menu
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Think global, act local – that maxim is brought forcefully home to every food chain that steps out of home soil. People around the world have come to love their burgers – and yet they love it more when there is a home flavour to…More

Multi-temperature trucks
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Be it McDonald’s world famous crisp fries or their mouth watering burgers, every menu item that is served on your tray, has taken a carefully planned and audited journey (that ensures complete freshness) to the restaurant. There is smart technology behind the art of frozen…More

McDonald's Restaurant
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If you are an old McDonald’s customer, you must have noticed that a few years back, the look and feel of McDonald’s restaurants went through a major transformation. While the vibrant hues and the “Forever Young” theme were not disturbed, there was something very modern…More

Amit Jatia
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For all those who have been waiting for the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant in their city, this is some good news. In the next few years to come, McDonald’s plans to develop a restaurant base of 500 stores in West and South India. In…More

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