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McCafe Coffee_Language
Coffee Tales

We know you love your coffee. But do you know the basic terms used in the world of coffee? Read on to get a quick crash course in coffee language. McDonald’s trains its employees such that you have the best coffee experience. You will normally…More

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What was common between Big Ben, Hong Kong’s Skyline, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Mumbai’s McDonald’s restaurants on March 27 last year? They all had their lights off between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. This year, the Earth Hour will be observed on 19 March. It…More

Global McDonald's Traveller
Sunrise Hash

(Image Courtesy – James McGowan’s blog) Few can boast of being a world traveler by the time they are in their late twenties. And even fewer can boast of travelling the world and eating at various McDonald’s restaurants and sharing their global experience. Having reviewed…More

McDonald's Shamrock Shake
Sunrise Hash

Customers at some of the Tucson city McDonald’s restaurants were in for a pleasant surprise when they saw the green minty Shamrock shake back in the menu. The shake is one of the most popular McDonald’s drinks and is available usually during the weeks leading…More

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Low-fat mayonnaise and focaccia or masala buns instead of the regular white bread – these are just some of the changes that McDonald’s is making for today’s young customers who like to count their calories. Check out what else is new at McDonald’s India that…More

Inside Story

It is always good to know where the food on your plate is coming from. Take McDonald’s world famous fries for instance, they go through a number of critical steps before they are packaged for McDonald’s restaurants. The golden thin and crisp fries are made…More

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