Desserts Don’t Need A Reason

McDonald’s desserts have always been one of its biggest draws, and McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks have only brought everyone a step closer to their favourite desserts. After all who counts McDonald’s ice cream calories when they’re the ultimate comfort food? The kiosks, which started out by serving the soft serve cone ice-cream, offer a huge variety of delectable desserts from the McDonald’s umbrella. Right from the Oreo ice cream from McDonald’s you crave (crumbled Oreo cookies dunked in delicious soft serve) or the Soft Serve Hot Fudge (soft serve topped with gooey and delicious hot chocolate fudge), McDonald’s kiosks will meet all your dessert cravings and needs.

You also have the Oh. So. Amazing choices of McSwirl Chocolate (vanilla ice-cream topped with hot chocolate sauce) to the McSwirl Butter Scotch (vanilla ice-cream topped with butterscotch ice-cream), Chocolate Brownie Soft Serve (soft serve ice-cream scooped in a glass and topped with chocolate sauce, with a slice of nutty brownie), McFlurry Oreo (McFlurry ice-cream filled with Oreo bits) and the McFlurry Choco Crunch (McFlurry ice-cream topped with crunchy chocolate bits).

McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks, which are usually located outside the restaurant, have always been very convenient for dessert lovers. Plus, you don’t have to wait in queue at the restaurant if all you want is Oreo ice cream from McDonald’s. However, in the aftermath of Covid-19, these kiosks are playing an all the more important role. They’re avoiding unnecessary crowding at the main restaurant, thus helping with the motto of ‘social distancing’ as much as it’s possible for people.

Furthermore, the Dessert Kiosks’ convenient location helps to attract customers to the restaurant itself, thereby serving as important transaction generators and providing an effective method of extending McDonald’s brand presence to non-traditional areas. Also, Dessert Kiosks operate separately from existing restaurants, but depend on them for supplies and operational support. For example, a mall store restaurant can provide support for several Dessert Kiosks located in different locations throughout the same mall.

Moreover, Dessert Kiosks require low capital expenditures and provide returns on investment that are significantly higher. As such, they are an important driver in increasing McDonald’s market penetration.

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