Why Are McFlurry Spoons Square?

Have you enjoyed a McFlurry at McDonald’s? Did you ever wonder why the spoons had an unusual shape? Read on to find out why.

McFlurry is a combination of rich, creamy vanilla ice cream and choco crunch or crushed oreos. A portion of vanilla ice cream is topped with the choice of topping and then mixed to distribute the topping evenly.

The mixing process is carried out using a mixer that has a square attachment. The unusually shaped spoon with a clip is an accessory which is attached to the machine. The mixer spins the spoon and mixes the ingredients thoroughly.

Using the spoon as an attachment for the mixer serves two purposes; it minimizes waste as no separate attachment is used, and it keeps the process hygienic as a new spoon is used for every order.

The next time you’re at a McDonald’s outlet and decide on buying a McFlurry ask the manager to give you a tour of the kitchen and you might catch the spoon in action.

Read the full story here.

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