Empowering Our Women To Be The Best

At Women’s Day this year, we at McDonald’s India (West&South) wanted to go beyond greeting cards and chocolates, and do something that made an everlasting impact in the lives of our female employees. So we conducted a workshop wherein we focused on things that really matter in their day-to-day routine. Read on to know more…..

Women's day workshop McDonald's India

We wanted to do something that helped our female employees improve their professional as well as personal lives. As a part of the workshop, topics like – maintaining a positive self-image and personality development, professional attire, grooming and hygiene, motivation and confidence building, the importance of continuous learning, maintaining work-life balance, and financial planning, were brought to light and talked about.

Women's day workshop McDonald's India

The workshop ended on a sweet note with a fun activity- a favorite of the participants- where each of them had to sit in a circle, write their names on a sheet of paper, and pass it on to the next person. The sheet was passed on to every other person who wrote something they admire or appreciate about the person whose name was on the paper. In the end, everyone got their sheets back. This light-hearted activity was a good exercise to help build mutual appreciation for each other. It was also a good way to boost each other’s confidence.

Women's day workshop McDonald's India

The goal of the workshop was to help and motivate these women to become well-rounded individuals by improving at every aspect of their lives, to inspire and be inspired, and to support and uplift other women like them. It was quite an eventful and fun day. A big shout-out to all the women who participated!

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