The Importance Of Good Work Culture

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That boss that never loses his cool. That coffee machine that never breaks. That colleague who motivates you when you are down and out. Besides the fact that you like what you do, there is usually a list of factors behind your loyalty to an organization. And good work culture, in all likelihood, leads this list.

If you stick to your organization for a long time, you probably know the importance of good work culture. And it is not just one thing that constitutes good work culture. It is a fine mix of flexibility, opportunity, equality, and growth options. But we wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. So we asked Sandesh Pawar, AM at McDonald’s Ghatkopar, Mumbai outlet about his thoughts.

“Frankly speaking I didn’t think I would stay at an organization for seven years! But two things bowled me over. First was employee-friendliness. I could approach any of my seniors here without any hesitation. If I had questions, they were answered, if I needed help with something, I got that. The second factor was flexibility. I could work part-time and finish my studies,” he says.

So what does he like the most about his job role? “To complete tasks within a deadline. But most of all, I like to motivate people, to talk them into giving their best,” he says.

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