It’s All In The Family

McDonalds EmployeesImagining twins in the same room, is hard enough. But to imagine a set of quintuplets, all working at the same place, is unfathomable! Yet, that’s exactly what’s going on at a McDonald’s restaurant in Michigan, USA.

The quintuplets – Leith, Lauren, Logan, Lindsey and Lucas Curtis – 18-year-old high school seniors today – are all working part-time at the same McDonald’s in Potterville, Michigan.

Renee Draves, owner and operator of that McDonald’s restaurant, says, “The first two came a year ago and when I interviewed one, he revealed that he was a quintuplet. Today, they’ve been able to train each other. They’re phenomenal. The thing that’s so impressive about them is just how positive their attitudes are and how well they work together.”

The siblings not only work the front counter, but help out in the kitchen and also maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant lobby, says Draves.

Their mom says the quintuplets are working so as to save up for their college education next year.

Way to go, quintuplets!

Read the full story here.

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