The Ten People You See At McDonald’s

So we looked around to see what people do when they come to a McDonald’s.

1. The Thinkers

Starting from deciding what to eat, the thinkers are very measured in what they do. They are precise about what they want and they have budgeted the time they are going to spend. The Thinkers are usually preoccupied with all the things they have to get through during the day and the time at McDonald’s is a break between chores or activities that have to be done the same day. You will see the Thinkers absent mindedly working their way through their meal and working out their next moves.

2. The Discoverer

The Discoverer looks at each outing as an adventure to find new things, new ways to combine what they eat and new ways to check out the sauces. So the discoverer will hunt for what’s new on the menu, and usually the first to try out the ChilliPaneer Pockets or the Chicken Wings or the Royale Burgers.

3. The Faithful 

The Faithful walk in, ignore the menu and go for what their favourite. They are faithful to their choices. There are the die-hard fish filet fans and there are zillions who are wedded to fries and fries alone and believe everything else is an accompaniment.

4. The Shutterbugs

A happy meal is not complete without clicking photos. And every visit is a celebration of friends, family and the day. So, they are bright, happy and the big smiles go on to Facebook and spread the cheer.

5. The Romantics

These are people who find a McDonald’s a restful place to be with their thoughts, their friends or their special one. The Romantics have their own little world in the bustle around. We have seen poets scribble, painters doodle and musicians look for a beat over innumerable nuggets.

6. The Joyous 

They come in and suddenly the place looks brighter. They spread cheer. Those who serve behind the counter are greeted with a cheerful familiarity and there is the sense of peace and happiness. They could be Mums, working women, the happy college goer or any gangs of friends. Their effervescence rubs off and there is the feeling of laughter in the air.

7. The Reader

At any time of the day, there is at least one reader quietly turning pages or scrolling his phone or iPad or a Kindle. The reader will move places from time to time to get away from a noisy group or simply move away from the sun. Many a new book finds its first airing at McDonald’s.

8. The Coffee Lover 

Coffee is the magnetic drink; its aroma pulls you even from a distance. In the evenings you see people from offices having coffee and recharging themselves, chit-chatting about their day’s work, along with their friends and colleagues. The Coffee lover knows his coffee well and is particular about the McCafe he drinks. No trip to the counter goes without a discussion on beans, flavours and aromas.

9. The Collector

The collectors are the most serious customers. They are from all age groups and have a passion for collecting the Happy Meal Toys. The Minions, for example, created a rush of collectors. The Collector has an abiding relationship with the series of Happy Meal Toys and some take the hobby very seriously.

10. The Family 

At McDonald’s, you will always find people from all age groups having a good time, with their friends and family. At McDonald’s, their laughter and smiles are like music. An outing to McDonald’s is for the family a way to bond, to share their fries and to recount tales.

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