Saving For The Future


Water scarcity is emerging as a major problem in several states across India. Demand is constantly growing as cities and towns across the country develop and evolve, and supply is dwindling as severe weather conditions hamper renewal of ground water resources.

With the aim of making a small yet significant impact on the ecosystem, McDonald’s India rolled out a rainwater harvesting system at drive thru restaurants operated by the brand. The flow of rainwater was directed into the storm water drain at the restaurant sites, where the water converges and drains into a sedimentation or settling tank with a bar screen. Collected water from the settling tank was routed to recharge pits filled with alternating layers of gravel, sand and rocks of various sizes that acted as a natural filter before the water drained into the water table.

Through this small initiative it is estimated that McDonald’s India recharges approximately 106,400 liters of water per year.

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