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Taking The Sustainable Fishing Commitment A Step Ahead

If you love McDonald’d Filet-o-Fish, you would love to know this as well – McDonald’s has signed an agreement to not expand cod fishing into untouched parts of the Arctic, reports The Economic Times.

McDonald’s, along with a few seafood industry giants, recently signed an agreement that aims to protect increased fishing in the Arctic.

The agreement also includes not buying fish caught farther north.

“This commitment, which is effective immediately, will continue until there is robust and independent scientific research that demonstrates fishing activities in the area will not cause serious harm to the marine environment,” says Keith Kenny, Vice President of sustainability at McDonald’s.

In India, McDonald’s sources its fish from Cochin. McDonald’s makes sure that all the fish it uses for the Filet-O-Fish burger comes from only sustainable sources. The recent agreement takes the brand’s commitment to sustainability a step ahead.

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