Different Strokes: Know Your McDonald’s

Ever wondered why your familiar McDonald’s restaurant looks different each time you visit it? It’s because, there’s a different McDonald’s for a different place.

McDonald’s India (West & South), which has a total of 235+ restaurants located in the region (and more to come) classifies its restaurants into four categories – freestanding, food court, in-store and mall stores.

Freestanding Restaurant


Freestanding restaurants are the largest type of restaurant, located in a separate building. Besides ample indoor seating, it might even include a drive-thru area and parking lot.

Food Court restaurant

foodcourtA Food Court restaurant, as the name reveals, is located in a food court inside a mall. It consists of a front counter and a back-end kitchen, but does not offer its own seating area, although seats provided at the Food Court can be used by McDonald’s customers.

Though located cheek-by-jowl with other branded restaurants at the Food Court, the McDonald’s counter stands apart because of the extreme familiarity of the brand with its loyal customers and the guarantee of being served the same food as one would get in a sit-down McDonald’s restaurant.

In-store restaurants


An In-Store McDonald’s restaurant is part of a larger building, which may or may not have other shops or might only have offices. Therefore, this store is not a drive-thru nor has its own parking lot.

Mall Stores


A McDonald’s Mall Store is located in a mall and is similar to a food court restaurant, but with its own seating area.

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