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There’s something romantic about road-trips, especially if one has grown up listening to stories about famous roads, like the iconic Route 66 in America. Now, thanks to numerous highways criss-crossing the expanse of India, and with a sturdy SUV at one’s disposal, long weekends are meant for road-trips. But even…More

Good Food Journey

When soldiers at Fort Huachuca Army Base, U.S. received a standing order to not wear their fatigues in public, they could not order their favourite hamburgers at the nearest McDonald’s anymore. So, McDonald’s franchisee David Rich installed a sliding window into the wall. The soldiers could now order and pickup…More

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I have been on this highway before. Many times. Earlier it used to be a squiggly road that ran from Mysore to Bangalore. And then it became wider. Four lanes carry traffic from the hub of IT in Bangalore to the new hub of IT, Mysore. But this trip is…More

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Hubli, also known as Hubballi, literally means “a flowering creeper” in Kannada. During ancient times, the historic town of Hubli was known by the names Raya Hubli and Elaya Puravada Halli. In the last decade, Hubli metamorphosed into a commercial centre for trade in cotton and iron. The city with its…More

The Dossier

Water scarcity is emerging as a major problem in several states across India. Demand is constantly growing as cities and towns across the country develop and evolve, and supply is dwindling as severe weather conditions hamper renewal of ground water resources. With the aim of making a small yet significant…More