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How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?


Espresso to kick-start your day and Mocha for late evenings! Everybody has their favorite brew, and their favorite preparation of coffee. Enters the McCafé, with a carefully picked collection of coffees to suit everybody’s mood, at all times of the day.

But did you know there’s more to the rich taste and aroma of your favorite coffee. Not only are there several varieties of coffee beans, there are numerous ways brew to your coffee, and even more to prepare it. Here’s some trivia for you to snack on, and add more flavor to your cup.

Espresso:  The most basic and essential, an espresso serves as the base to various other coffee preparations. The term is of Italian origin, meaning ‘pressed-out’ or ‘quick’. In the United States of America, the spelling changes slightly to ‘expresso’ or express coffee. Also, if you add more hot water to a concentrated shot of espresso, it becomes an Americano, or what is commonly called black coffee. See how quick and easy it is?

Cappuccino: A shot of espresso, textured milk, and foam makes a pleasant cup of cappuccino. ‘Kapuziner’, an 18th century German/Austrian coffee drink is the inspiration behind this preparation. A relatively closer reference to the present name, however, comes from ‘capuchin’, which was a term to signify red-brown color in 17th century Europe.

Café Latte: Italy gave us pasta, pizza, wine, and Café Latte. ‘Latte’ means milk in Italian, so Café Latte becomes milk poured over coffee.  William Dean Howells first used this term in his 1867 essay “Italian Journeys.” Mostly consumed with breakfast, Café Latte also has regional variations, like Café au lait of France and wet cappuccinos in America.

Mocha: Looking for a drink to make you feel warm and fuzzy? Café Mocha is your answer! A generous dash of cocoa powder or rich chocolate syrup, with a shot of espresso and hot milk, will make you swoon!  As it happens, Mocha is a namesake of a port city in Yemen, famous for its lush marketplaces trading primarily in coffee beans.

Frappe: Facing the wrath of an angry girlfriend or boyfriend, bring them a Frappe and get them to chill down. A drink of Greek origins with a French name, Frappes are the best to beat the heat. Regular black coffee, with cold milk, and ice will certainly refresh you in an instant.

At McCafe every barista understands how a perfect cup of coffee can influence and uplift your mood. Have no doubt, go on and explore the menu or simply ask a barista for the special!

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