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Sunrise Hash

Time-pressed? Here’s the newest idea that McDonald’s has come up with for customers and commuters on the run. In New Jersey, McDonald’s has set up a restaurant without dining tables and chairs. It has a drive-thru window and an outdoor ‘walk up’ window. First-of-its-kind in the New York tri-state area,…More

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Reminiscing about my college days, I flipped through my old photo album. Smiling and recollecting memories of a glorious and fun filled past, I stumbled upon a photo of my best friends and me at McDonald’s. It instantly reminded me of outings which were scrupulously planned. My friends and I…More

Sunrise Hash

A city which has existed since the time of Mahabharata, Bharuch is located on the banks of River Narmada. With a rich mythological heritage, Bharuch boasts of several monuments and important worship sites. Easy access to the Western parts through waterways has attributed Bharuch a lot of historical importance from…More