The Guilt-Free Ice-cream

Did you know that soft-serves – like many other great inventions – were invented accidentally? Yep, and we mean quite literally. On Memorial Day weekend of 1934, an ice-cream truck driver, Tom Carvel’s truck got a flat tire. Realizing that all the ice-cream in his trailer would melt, he began selling the partially melted ice-cream, and to his surprise, people loved it. Carvel then started working on the formula to make soft serve and soon established a business out of it.

Besides the history, there are many interesting facts about your so loved dessert that we bet you didn’t know. For now, we give you five such facts:

No brain freeze

A cone of soft-serve won’t give you brain freeze as it is served at a lower temperature as compared to hard packed ice-creams. That’s good, right?

Less fat

Soft serve has only 3.5% fat! So, go ahead, enjoy a guilt-free treat at McDonald’s.

It’s made of milk

Normally low fat desserts are vegetable oil-based, which isn’t very healthy, but not soft serve, which is based on milk fat (made from milk).

As versatile as it gets

There are more than 200 ways in which McDonald’s serves its soft-serves around the world. We will come with a list very soon. Watch this space.

It has so many names!

It is called ‘Creemmee’ is New England, ‘American Ice cream’ in parts of Europe, and ‘Softy’ in India.

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