The Story Of The Sweet And Light Dessert At McDonald’s

Soft serve ice-cream with pieces of cookies or candies, McFlurry, was first served in the year 1995 at a Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada McDonald’s. It was an instant hit and hence was soon launched across Canada. Today, the dessert is served in over 99 countries.

To understand the reasons behind the popularity of McFlurry, one has to understand the soft serve first. Ice-creams were always loved. Across the globe, getting an ice-cream during summers is almost a ritual. But when soft serves were introduced, the popularity of ice creams reached a different level altogether.

Soft serves are softer, and the temperature is just right. No brain freeze happens. Soft serves are light and hence are enjoyed more. Also, they contain about half the number of calories if one compares them with hard packed ice creams.

So when the already popular soft serve met ingredients like Oreo cookies or chocolate chips or M&M chocolates (not launched in India yet), the result was bound to be exemplary.  It was like having the best of both worlds at McDonald’s.

McFlurry was first launched in India in the year 2011 and the popularity of the dessert has only increased in the last seven years. It is available in two flavours in India – Choco Crunch and Oreo. Examples of other McFlurry flavours include Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry (Singapore), the Gumdrop McFlurry (New Zealand) and the Baci Fondentissimo McFlurry (Italy).

A major factor behind the great taste of McFlurry is the way the soft serve and the Oreo/chocolate bits are mixed. A mixer with a square attachment is used. Square shaped spoons are attached with the machine which mixes the ingredients evenly to give the dessert the perfect consistency. The same spoon is used to eat the dessert.

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