Meet The Global McDonald’s Traveller

Global McDonald's Traveller(Image Courtesy – James McGowan’s blog)

Few can boast of being a world traveler by the time they are in their late twenties. And even fewer can boast of travelling the world and eating at various McDonald’s restaurants and sharing their global experience. Having reviewed food at almost 300 McDonald’s restaurants in around 53 countries so far, James McGowan is one such man.

Originally from Canada, James loves travelling and visiting McDonald’s around the world. He has been reviewing local McDonald’s menu items across the globe since 2011 and posts them on his blog and other social media accounts.

His blog’s home page title sums up what his blog is about–“McDonald’s Around the World – Eating since 2005. Blogging since Oct 2011”. He literally covers the world map with golden arches. His reviews make an interesting read as he tries every unique and local McDonald’s menu item in the country he visits.

Judging by his relentless quest to discover new countries and their unique McMenus; we can safely say that He’s definitely lovin’ it!

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