How To Hold A Burger Right?

Holding McBurger
You must know about food science, but do you know about the science of eating it right? Three researchers from the field of fluid mechanics, engineering and dentistry went on to discover the perfect way to hold a burger. After all, you don’t want to waste any of those juicy ingredients by spilling them.

They created a 3-D model of a large burger to test various ways in which one can hold a burger right. The most common way in which most people hold a burger is, typically, with thumbs on bottom and all four fingers on top. The outcome being when you pick up a loaded burger to eat, all ingredients are pushed out of the buns.

So after running several different ways of holding a burger, they finally discovered a way to avoid spillage. Here is the “ideal” way to hold a burger: The burger needs to be held with uniform pressure all across. To do that, you need to hold the burger with thumbs and pinkies on the bottom and the three middle fingers on top.

Now when having your meal, you pick up a Maharaja Mac to take a gigantic bite, hold it right to avoid the chicken patty and the crunchy lettuce, onions and yummy sauces to go swooshing down the other end.

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