A Japanese Cordon Bleu Experience


A McDonald’s pop-up is gaining limelight in the restaurant circuit in Tokyo, Japan. What’s a pop-up restaurant? A make-shift restaurant is opened in an abandoned warehouse or store-front, and it serves to an unlimited number of people, until stock lasts. It’s like an impromptu dinner party. McDonald’s, pop-up version Restaurant M, threw a party for the people of Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, recently. The USP? You get to sample McDonald’s menu, in a fine dining style, complete with silver forks and knives.

It created a lot of excitement; nearly 8,300 people signed up for the event, but only 10 groups of 20 lucky winners were chosen to experience and relish their favorite McDonald’s food in complete gourmet style. Celebrity chef Masayo Waki put together a four-course meal comprising of a French fry soup- Vichyssoise, gelée made out of McDonald’s vegetables, and sampling platter of cubed poppers. For the main course, of course, it was a Big Mac with added vegetables. McFlurry served in a bowl, with fresh berries made the sweetest dessert. Even iced teas were served in wine glasses, and coffee arrived in cup and saucer.

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