The Super League Of Global Employers


The racial, cultural and religious diversity of McDonald’s staff is well known the world over. But, did you also know that the company is one of the largest employers in the world? Let’s take a look at some of the other giants McDonald’s rubs shoulders with, when it comes to providing employment!

1. U.S. Department of Defense: 3.2 million
2. Chinese Army: 2.3 million
3. Walmart: 2.1 million
4. McDonald’s: 1.7 million
The world’s largest chain of burger and fast food restaurants is also the world’s fourth-largest employer.
5. Chinese National Petroleum Corporation: 1.7 million
6. State Grid Corporation of China: 1.6 million
7. National Health Service (England): 1.4 million
8. Indian Railways: 1.4 million
9. China Post Group: 900,000
10. Hon Hai Precision Industry: 800,000


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