Sourcing The Freshest Ingredients Since The 90’s

“Ever wondered how McDonald’s has always managed to serve up the freshest ingredients in the last 23 years? It’s a result of an efficient supply chain, the mechanism of which has been perfected over the years. Read on to know more.

We control the temperature

It was 1997 when McDonald’s introduced multi-temperature trucks in India. The idea was to have separate compartments for separate products, fries and lettuce couldn’t go in the same compartment. Not just that, there are two side doors so that products from one temperature zone can be unloaded without disturbing products in other temperature zones.

We source wisely

When it comes to sourcing certain ingredients like vegetables, chicken for patties, milk for soft-serve, etc., we do a few logistical calculations first. Instead of sourcing from far-flung places, we try to procure these from the vicinity of our processing plant. As a result, enhanced freshness is guaranteed with every delivery.

We order frequently

We increase the delivery frequency without reducing the quantity of delivered goods, which are then stored at McDonald’s outlets in an efficient manner. This ensures that only fresh ingredients are available at McDonald’s kitchen for every order placed.
Fresh food is the top priority for McDonald’s India (West & South). And to source the freshest ingredients for our menu items, we benchmark processes and practices against the international standards of our parent company by conducting bi-monthly food audits.

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