Holi-day traditions: Sweet conversations, spring colors, McDelivery® celebrations

Holi hai!

The birds are chirping, the tree leaves – gently swaying, and spring is springing in the most delightful way!

Heralding the arrival of Spring in India, Holi celebrates agriculture, harvests, and fertile land. Holi is a beautiful time to enjoy partaking in gatherings of songs, sweets, refreshments, and dance. Welcoming a new season is better together!  

We know you’ll agree that celebrating big, bright, beautiful Holi is made special with family and friends including all our special peeps from colleagues to roommates and more. When we’re away from home and our loved ones, that Holi tradition of including everyone feels like ✨HOME✨! And we love that.

This Holi, whether you’re:

Joining in the usual celebrations of color, music, and play;

Doing something new – like attending your new city friend’s building party you’ve been invited to;

Partaking in a no-water Holi gathering with sustainable colors and plenty of fun; OR

Have plans to stay indoors, spring clean, and watch the fun unfold from your window…

We hope your vibe is gleeful!

McDonald’s in Every Celebration

Before you participate in the day’s festivities with colors, chatter and the streaming sun, remember to slather sunscreen on, eat well, and stay hydrated. During the festivities and after, McDonald’s and McDelivery® can play party host with great refreshments and soul-satisfying food, available to order online through the McDelivery® website and McDelivery® App. There’s plenty for your appetite: the Veg Maharaja Mac®, Pizza McPuff®, Salsa Cheesy Fries, McAloo Tikki Burger®, McVeggie® Burger, Chicken Big Mac®, Chicken Maharaja Mac®, and more.

Our Sharing Combos are great for gatherings, especially when you and the crew are rooting for McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac® and other well-stacked burgers. Don’t forget your chill-y drinks: Berry Lemonade, Mango Smoothie (a classic for this time!), Chocolate Shake, American Mud Pie, Chocolate Frappé, amongst others. If you decide to come by our stores for a bite, use the McDonald’s App to avail good offers including getting your best burger at a superbly-satisfying Chicken Big Mac® price.

Happy Holi 2024! Stay safe, play safe!

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